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Wood Boilers – Types and Differences

Wood Boilers


Modern wood boilers burn environmentally friendly wood fuels such as split logs, chips and pellets automatically, free of any sign of smoke and with fuel economy comparable to modern oil/gas fired boilers. Wood boilers are the most ideal option when upgrading from an existing oil/gas boiler, particularly when keeping the existing radiators and hot water cylinder.
Wood fuels are produced in Ireland, and support local employment.


Split Wood Logs


wood_log_265x198Split wood logs have always been a popular choice for home heating in conventional stoves, or open fireplaces. But they also have a unique use in log gasification boilers, which heats the wood until a combustible gas is released, this gas is then ignited at high temperature. A cleaner burn and a higher fuel economy is achieved from this process, and as a bonus, less ash is produced minimising cleaning. These benefits make log gasification boilers a smart choice for home-owners with their own supply of wood fuel available to them, with systems paying for themselves in as little as 4-5 years.

A technologically advanced log gasification boiler will adapt to whatever source of Split wood logs you are using. This proven technology makes for a system which is more than capable of heating older large homes.


Wood Pellets


wood_pellets_265x198Wood pellets are formed from waste timber and carpentry shavings. Their controlled manufacture means they are guaranteed to be of uniform shape, and have a very low moisture content. As a form of heating fuel, they are very easy to manage, suitable for long-term storage, and provide a high heat output. Specially designed for this fuel, a wood pellet boiler is all about convenience, and comfort. An intelligent wood pellet boiler will be automatically controlled to ensure the highest fuel economy is always achieved, cleaning is fully automated, and ash disposal only needs to be performed every six months, an intuitive and simple display keeps the owner informed of the process, and allows for easy adjustment.



Wood Chip


wood_chip_265x198Wood chips are formed by cutting, or chipping wood with a machine called a wood chipper, their shape and moisture levels are not as strict as for pellets, so logging residues can be suitable to be made into wood chips. In a similar fashion to a good quality wood pellet boiler, a wood chip boiler is fully automatic, however a larger fuel store is required which makes them more suited to large rural homes and commercial buildings where space is available. Using special rotating valves in the automatic fuel conveying system, a high quality wood chip boiler makes quick time of breaking down the fuel into manageable chips for the burning process. Blockages as well as burn-back to the fuel store are prevented by installed safety designs, giving worry-free operation, from a boiler which is designed to be rugged and durable, while still achieving all of the expectations and technology benefits you expect from a modern boiler.